Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Life back on the farm...

Here are a couple of pictures of Elder Campbell, hard at work in a garden.  Cabbages?  He certainly didn't get that veggie served growing up!  Not much actual news to report, but here it is:

Hello. Ever since meeting with Brother Oliver, my week improved tremendously. I've been so impatient with myself that when I haven't met my unreasonable expectations, I give up. But he's helped me realize that I've had unrealistic standards, and that I need to be satisfied with the incremental improvements I make, and that I can take life one day at a time. I hope Grandpa doesn't think I'm a wimp.  I don't know what he felt while he was on his mission, but looking at him now, I can see him being confident even then. I don't know. A lifetime of experience probably helps a lot.

I'm glad all is well at home. I'm starting to forget about home more and more. I don't want things at home to have changed too much by the time I come home.  Anyway, things are getting better. We don't have any progressing investigators at the moment, AND no one is on date to be baptized, but this Sunday we had two less active families finally come to church.  One only stayed for sacrament, but one surprisingly stayed for gospel principles. I would call that a tender mercy of the Lord.  We'll have to spend a lot of time tracting, since the members don't give us referrals. You can support me by giving the missionaries people to teach! That'd help a lot.  Love you mom. A lot. I really miss ya. Enjoy some pictures.