Tuesday, September 23, 2014

ok, I'm a slacker

Bad Mom!  Not really.  Some letters just aren't worthy of a post - or rather, the content doesn't warrant the rest of the world being informed.  So there you have it.  Anywho, news from Elder Campbell!  Part of this is in response to my last email, describing Jack's thoughtful prayers:  Your brother Jack is quite the spiritual little fella.  His dinner prayer last night went something like this: “…Please bless Vince to have a good mission and to be safe, and that the Holy Spirit will keep us safe.” 

Dear Mom,
It might be more reasonable to buy my winter gear out here in the field. So that I can try on the different items and not have to go through the hassle of returning things to get the right size. I'd say four or five pairs of thermals would be pretty substantial. 

Jack sounds like he could be the prophet someday. Definitely has more potential than I do. I miss him a lot. Let him know that I'll be sending him something for his birthday, and for dad as well. Ran out of time last week to buy a card, so I'll send something more worthwhile to make up for it. 

One message for Isabelle: WRITE ME BACK.

Good luck with your school. You'll nail it. So should I be expecting anything, not including the birthday package, this week? By the way, if you want things to get to me sooner, send it to Sister Roby. The mission office is SO slow. I just barely got a letter that Carly sent on the last day of August. 

The good news is that I am happy. We're not really working with any progressing investigators, and we're not seeing a lot of success with door knocking, but I know that the gospel has been restored and I'm eager to share those restored truths with others. I'm now on my fourth time reading the Book of Mormon. My testimony of its divinity grows and my love of its content expands each time I read through it. On Aaron's birthday we had a mission conference where all 184 of the missionaries in the mission gather together and we hear President Fenn and his wife talk. He talked about the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, both from a historical and doctrinal standpoint. He's so much like his father in-law, Bruce R. McConkie. So wise and powerful a speaker he is. I've recorded almost all of the talks he's given since I've been on a mission, so I'll have to send them so you can enjoy them as well. Just don't put them on the Internet. That was the only warnings gave me when I asked if I could record him. At the conference he gave us an assignment to mark every mention of covenants and the house of Israel in blue, every mention of being born again or change in people in red, and examples of good teaching in yellow. Before he had us mark missionary work in blue, the doctrine of Christ in yellow, and the plan of salvation/atonement/mercy in red. I invite you to do the latter challenge in your personal scripture study. You'll come to a greater love and knowledge of the magnitude of the Savior's love for us if you take up this challenge. 

Well, sure love Ya! I'll include some photos as well. We went to a Japanese garden today, so that'll explain a few of the pictures. 

Man, I love that kid!

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