Thursday, June 19, 2014

Never give up.

Kids, never give up. Repeat that to yourself whenever something seems too hard; whenever you lose an interest in finishing a task; whenever you feel hopeless; whenever you feel that you are not important, repeat this in your head (maybe even better out loud): NEVER GIVE UP.  Heavenly Father did not allow us to be born just to fail. In fact, the odds are in our favor. We have been saved through Our Savior and Redeemer, The Lord Jesus Christ. We shall all receive immortality.  There is no possible debate in regards to this. The deed was done. He suffered, bled, and died. Yet he rose on the third day. The same shall we inherit. But eternal life on the other hand, that requires a transformation. Eternal life means exaltation; it means that we shall live in the presence of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and shall be united with our families everlastingly. This will be our reward, if we shall press forward with a steadfastness in Christ. NEVER GIVE UP.  Pray for help, ask for blessings, live in order to bless others, have faith. Heavenly Father changes lives when we expect it from him. Pray every day, and get to know your Heavenly Father.

We found a couple of people last week that we have return appointments with this week. Tracting has been our main resource as of late for finding new investigators. The members are stepping up though. We planned a missionary fireside for the ward, and it's happening on the 29th. A member will tell their conversion story, and President Fenn will speak on the blessings of the restored Gospel. We're really excited. Members will be coming, and hopefully they will bring their friends. There is no doubt that President Fenn will astound all who are present at the meeting. Well no duh. He was taught personally by his wife's father, Bruce R. McConkie, an all impressive apostle. President Fenn is an amazing example of integrity. Something I have somehow failed to mention is the state of his health. First of all, he's deathly allergic to peanuts, and second, he has a clogged artery.  He discovered this following an allergic reaction, in which he also suffered a minor heart attack. This was just before my arrival to the field. Since learning of his heart problem, he resigned himself to intense physical exercise, so he began biking miles and miles during the day. He's an example of someone who, when they want to do something, they dedicate their whole self to the work. On Thursday he went in for surgery to correct the clogged artery, but the operation failed. He's a bit disappointed, but he knows that he much yet to accomplish in the field. He's met so many challenges during his service as a mission president. Along with his health issues, his father passed away the same week he suffered that heart attack. While he had the opportunity to the leave the mission and attend his father's funeral, he knew he could leave the call he had been given by The Lord. I greatly admire this man. I'm nowhere near his level, but neither was he at my age. Incremental consecration and conversion is what brought him to where he is now.

Well, I love all of you!  Do something as a family tonight.  Please.
Have a wonderful day!

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